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Philipsburg Labor History


Artist: Sean Bodley

Location: Holt Memorial Library, 17 North Front Street, Philipsburg, PA 16866


Hard work and innovation founded Philipsburg PA in the 1800’s. Electrical coal miner’s lights and wooden screws were a few of the town’s creations that spurred a rural economy. This painting highlights the coal and garment industries which play a huge role in the long history of this town.


“This project allowed me to reflect and research Centre County. Having only lived here 4 years it was a serious privilege to contribute pictures of PA weather and history, two of my favorite subjects. It is always a special opportunity and to engage in public art and couldn’t pass up the chance to participate!”


About the Artist:

Sean Bodley Sean Bodley has been telling stories with pigment since he graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2010. Bodley creates sobering illustrations about climate change using drawing, oil paint, and digital media. His work is exhibited regularly in many venues across central Pennsylvania. Sean is a member and instructor at the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania and the Bellefonte Art Museum.  Sean lives and works in Lemont, PA.

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