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Marsh Landing


Artist: June Ramsay

Location: Millbrook Marsh Nature Center, 548 Puddintown Road, State College PA 16801


“Marsh Landing” relates to the theme of Millbrook Marsh by depicting different types of marsh life, such as frogs, dragonflies, a monarch chrysalis and butterfly, a red wing black bird, a blue heron, fire flies, asters, cattails, reeds, and jewel weed.  There are plenty of hidden pictures to find on the front and sides of the bench, just like there are plenty of hidden treasures to explore at the marsh! Our beautiful PA sky and mountains grace the background. My children and I visited Millbrook Marsh quite a bit during their tender years.  I have such vivid memories of them exploring the marsh in their bright rubber boots, their excited squeals at finding salamanders, and filling our car ride home with the aroma of the skunk cabbage that they just had to keep from their wildlife lesson of the day.


“I just love the idea of community art!  I want people to feel the beauty of our area, cherish their experiences, and remember friends & family.”



About the Artist:

June Ramsay I have been an artist all my life.  I communicate in pictures, colors, and textures.  This is how I see the world and I feel a vital need to create. Painting became my choice medium in 2006.  I frequently use found objects, paper, glass, and impasto mediums to enhance the textures in my paintings. My work has been displayed locally and throughout Pennsylvania in various shows, galleries, and festivals, as well as, nationwide, in private collections.  I am a proud member of the Art Alliance and the Bellefonte Art Museum. June lives and works in State College, PA.

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