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The Bald Eagle Plateau


Artist: Sean Bodley

Location: 102 Railroad Street, Snow Shoe, PA 16874


This bench is dedicated to the history and mystery of Snowshoe PA. Native Americans of various tribes populated this area of central PA for thousands of years prior to the arrival of early settlers. Both society and landscape were transformed by technology and white expansion into the present day. This painting hopes to capture the history of Native Americans in this region as well as the sense of discovery by immigrant pioneers and entrepreneurs.


“I was first struck by the beauty and rich history of Pennsylvania when I arrived here from the Midwest in 2011. It is an honor to paint these benches and show my appreciation for the region. Public art has always been a passion of mine and after the first community meeting for this project I knew I was interested in participating!”



About the Artist:

Sean Bodley Sean Bodley has been telling stories with pigment since he graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 2010. Bodley creates sobering illustrations about climate change using drawing, oil paint, and digital media. His work is exhibited regularly in many venues across central Pennsylvania. Sean is a member and instructor at the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania and the Bellefonte Art Museum.  Sean lives and works in Lemont, PA.

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