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Thought In Progress


Artist: ZheKa

Location: 243 South Allen Street, State College, PA 16801


This bench highlights thinking as a process of natural and organic growth. State College is a great hub for learning and generating interesting ideas. It has that great atmosphere--just enough resources for knowledge and enough open skies and personal space to see those deep thoughts form and expand.  I believe that this town is well suited for nurturing individual minds and providing rich and fertile soil for nourishing great ideas.  The thought in progress explores the growth of an idea towards its potential. At some point, it starts to outgrow all of the conventional markers: the individual, the house, street, town and someday can eventually outgrow the galaxy...all depending on the individual effort.


“The Book Benches was just the perfect project for me--I enjoy a story based narrative in my art, and what can be better than an open book as a canvas! Seemed the right fit for me. I am thankful to be a part of this new fun project and only hope that people enjoy and have with it as much as I did, when creating it.”

About the Artist:

ZheKa My art is a Journey of though towards discovery in a visual format. I work in several different "mediums"--canvas, sculpture, wooden relief painting and--most recently the bench--all with a goal to tell you a good story and take you on a journey. I live and work a few minutes outside of Huntingdon PA.

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