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Eagles’s Eye View


Artist: Rebecca Mahony

Location: Howard Community Park, 151 Township Building Road, Howard, PA 16841


Moving to the 10th floor of a new apartment building, overlooking the edge of Spring Creek canyon, with the fish hatchery and an eagles nest in view and the valley farms and Bald Eagle Ridge, the adventure began. With a balcony and several windows overlooking all of this and many in the building already excited and willing to share what they knew, the eagles soon took over my life.  Sitting down at the fish hatchery and talking with the workers there, I learned so much as well as saw the eagles and other birds first hand. I wanted to capture their environs and habitat, complete with a fisherman.


“I felt it was a successful adventure for me!  Thank you for honoring me with this project.”




About the Artist:

Rebecca Mahony Rebecca Mahony shares that she had no formal art training other than both my Mother and Father having artistic ability and having a wonderful Art teacher in my high school years.  I learned early the joy it gave me. Rebecca enjoys all mediums and mostly uses acrylics now. Being able to express my love of nature and its wonders through my artistic abilities is a gift I am very grateful for.  Sharing my art with the word is a double blessing.  Rebecca lives and works in Bellefonte, PA.

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