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Black Moshannon Glimpse, Day and Night


Artist: Tommy Frank

Location: Black Moshannon Park, 17A Cabin Road, Philipsburg, PA 16866


This bench represents an area in the Northern tip of Centre County with a diverse ecology.  Offering recreation and a unique combination of forests, streams, bogs, a lake, and manmade recreational opportunities like a beach and campground, the park is a Centre County treasure.  My bench incorporates a sampling of the natural elements and recreational activities that the park has to offer.


“It is a privilege to be counted as an artist from Centre County who contributed to this community enhancement.  Hoping to be part of that is what drew me to the project.”


About the Artist:

Tommy Frank With a BFA in sculpture from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Tommy Frank makes a living and satisfies his itch to create as a photographer, woodworker, painter, and sculptor. Tommy lives and works in Millheim, PA.

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