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The Arts


Artist: Amber Elsessor

Location: 108 East Beaver Avenue, State College, PA 16801


The theme/design is The Arts so it reflects the cultural experiences and opportunities available in Centre County, specifically State College Area, both as an observer and as a participant.  The four arts that the bench represents are Fine Art, Dance, Theatre and Music. The venues represented on the bench are the Arts Festival, The State Theatre, The Boal Barn/Nittany Theatre, and the Palmer Museum.  The Arts Festival flags focus on The Art Alliance of Central PA, pottery, dance, theatre, and PSU. 


“It has meant a great deal to be a part of such a collaborative, large project that includes so many artists, concepts, and styles of painting. I was intrigued to participate because it’s a way to involve the community as they sit on and enjoy the benches.  It truly is a way to give back to the community.” 

About the Artist:

Amber Elsessor I’ve been fortunate to have the privilege of being involved in the arts since childhood.  Years of ballet, tap, and jazz lessons along with piano and exposure to theatrical productions have had a strong influence on my bench design.  Amber lives and works in Lewistown, PA.

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